We build warehouses and industrial floors with state-of-the-art technology, develop housing plans and civil and commercial buildings, and work on improving the infrastructure of the towns by generating railway works, extending urban service networks, paving roads, building hydraulic works.

Architecture and structure

National and international companies are our clients in the construction of Architecture Works for which we have outstanding professionals in the field. We develop the works on our own projects or of our clients, we budget each item, we direct the work, we provide all the construction materials and we execute the works under a strict control of deadlines and costs.

Hydraulic and infrastructure

The professionalism of our staff and respect for the commitments made PASALTO one of the main suppliers of the State, both at the municipal and provincial and national levels in the execution of hydraulic works. Likewise, our services are also required in the private sector, having completed important jobs for the agricultural sector.

Industrial ships

The industrial warehouses designed and built by PASALTO are intended for the realization of the most varied activities of production, transformation, manufacturing, assembly, storage and distribution. According to the needs of each client, our professionals develop the projects adapting them to the destination of each of these buildings through the strictest calculation, to give this structure conditions of safety and speed in the execution at the most convenient price.

Rigid and flexible pavements

Our Asphalt Plant has a production capacity of 80 TN / H. In addition to the work we do for the public sector, we specify paving works for private projects such as closed neighborhoods, industrial plants and parking lots. With this state-of-the-art equipment and the qualified work of our personnel, we carry out paving works throughout the country. , being firmly positioned in this thriving sector of work.

Industrial floors

The Department for the construction of Industrial Floors of PASALTO is in constant growth due to the current tendency to use floors made of concrete for different purposes both indoors and outdoors.

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