Elaborated concrete

PASALTO is dedicated to the production and commercialization of Processed Concrete counting on plants located in the Buenos Aires cities of Mar del Plata and Pinamar

Industrial floors

The Department for the construction of Industrial Floors of PASALTO is in constant growth due to the current tendency to use floors made of concrete for different purposes both indoors and outdoors.

Industrial ships

The industrial warehouses designed and built by PASALTO are intended for the realization of the most varied activities of production, transformation, manufacturing, assembly, storage and distribution.


Today, thanks to the professionalism and dedication that mark his career, he occupies this privileged place in an increasingly competitive market.

Elaborated concrete

We are dedicated to the production and commercialization of Elaborated Concrete.

Industrial ships

Destined to the accomplishment of the most varied activities of production, transformation, manufacture, assembly, storage and distribution.

Rigid and flexible pavements

We have extensive experience in the development of road works on highways, roads, roads and streets in different cities and provinces.

Industrial floors

Large apartment for the construction of Industrial Floors.

Movement of floors

State-of-the-art road machinery park for the Movement of Soils for both the state and private sectors throughout the country.

Hydraulics are Infrastructure

We are the main suppliers of the State, at the municipal, provincial and national levels in the execution of Hydraulic Works.

We have first quality materials

We develop activities throughout the country, with a professional staff of first level and all the technical teams necessary to successfully complete each of the works.


We have strict compliance with deadlines and costs, quality control and safety at work, putting all our potential at the service of the requirements of our customers, national and multinational companies thanks to which we continue to grow.

Wide variety of services

We develop complex housing and commercial buildings, and we work on improving the infrastructure of the towns by generating railway works, extending networks of urban services, paving roads, building hydraulic works.

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